Violence and death in our schools. by Pastor Luis Ramirez

It is regrettable to observe yesterday’s February 14 events.

Just imagining the pain, emptiness, sadness and anguish that today the parents and relatives of these young people are going through fills us with compassion and awakens deep reflections…

They unfortunately come to join a list of more homes mourned in this nation that sees how this type of events manifested by the work of the devil continue to happen without being able to have control. All this only bares a society that got lost from the truth and that is empty in its spirit.

A society that seems to work fine and be well but suffers from the lack of peace and the truth of God.

A few decades ago some laws were changed for the worse and some people without faith but with a lot of darkness in their hearts and with great positions were undermining and removing the name of Jesus from the places and public spaces and government of the Nation. God was left out of the universities and study centers leaving a new generation ignorant and without the opportunity to meet our wonderful Lord. Many Christian leaders have made the effort in recent years to reverse all this evil, because invoking the name of the Lord is something powerful. His name guarantees that his blessing, protection, care and prosperity will be manifested in our lives.

Today we can possess the greatest technological advances and the greatest development ever imagined by man but we have become barbarous and dangerous in our actions as a society. Teaching the word of God and the name of Jesus can’t be only an act of fanaticism of a religious group or a religious protocol of a denomination.

The gospels tell us historically the power of that is in Jesus. The book of Acts and the Apostolic letters are full of stories that were recorded for future generations of the power that is in the name of Jesus when the children of faith pray. Millions of us are witnesses and have experienced this power working in our lives when we decide to turn to God. The history of the United States is full of great ministers of the gospel who demonstrated that there is no name like that of our Lord Jesus Christ to overcome and defeat the invisible forces of evil. The mistakes of a few in their personal lives can not nullify this great truth and are not the reason for not believing.

The faith in Jesus of this past generation of Americans was so great that this truth was brought to our Latin American countries in past decades and millions of people today thanks to so many missionaries of faith from the past have been saved without many knowing it, because we discovered the power of the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

There is no name like the Lord's.

Our modern society in technology but barbaric in the heart must find again the value of the name that is above all, a name when it is invoked with faith and with a heart  turned to God. This society must discover that there is no more powerful weapon against the invisible forces of evil than the name of Jesus. The entire New Testament not only speaks of God but reveals the power that is unleashed to bless, to protect, to thrive when we as children of God invoke the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason the forces of evil have worked in the society of our nations for the last decades to make this truth something that new generations ignore and despise.

Only the name of Jesus that was given to us can undo the works of the devil, for this reason I invite you to walk this Saturday or any other day that you arrange, praising and worshiping the Lord in our communities to bless, and proclaim in the name of Jesus, the good of God in our homes. That our houses can be altars of Adoration but also as our Apostle Guido Raúl Avila told us places of Salvation. For this reason he invited us to walk with purpose and faith. We can also think about planning as a Church to organize ourselves to summon parents, believers and everyone who wishes to pray in and around our schools. To invoke the name of the Lord within the schools may not be possible or so easy for countless reasons, but we can determine to surround ourselves with prayer and faith journeying from time to time around our schools and colleges to make use of what It was revealed to us, no one can prevent that, only our busy schedules. Perhaps it seems silly or insignificant to do these actions of faith but precisely there has been the advantage of the enemy, in which the Church remains inactive, numbed, entertained and very focused each in their own personal battles, forgetting that we were called to be "Salt" to the nations. Let's not get tired of doing good.

Many things we can think of doing as a Church of greater magnitude that gives us greater results but we must begin to do the little things and at some point decide to start. I just think and I look to see what I have at hand that can add. I bless you in the name of Jesus and I ask you to keep praying today, for those homes that go through the pain of the loss of their beloved children that without warning, without permission and in a violent way were taken away.

I finish this long writing to think as Church in this last daring reflection.To all this unfortunately also adds we like to accept or not, the indifference, immaturity, childishness and arrogance of those who today call ourselves leaders of the Lord.

May God enlighten us as a Church to really be that light that should illuminate and that we can learn to put aside all the carnality that only divides us and diverts us from being the instrument of power that God promised to build on the announcing society in * Matthew 16:18 And I also tell you, that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church; and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it *

As leaders, sometimes without realizing it, we only live to manage the food for our ego and end up just living to secure positions. Other times we only live or to survive in the midst of financial struggles or entertaining in everything that is accumulating wealth.

Maybe my comment is very silly and you consider it wrong but it is time for love to prevail among us as a CHURCH so that the much talked about and longed for unity arises (1 John 4: 7 to 21) otherwise hope may exist for the world. If we do not take responsibility how can God deposit his anointing and power so that we can do what today seems to be out of control ... and show the world that the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church.

Holy God, help us to be that salt that the world needs to know.

Apostle Guido Raúl Ávila
Apostle Guido Raúl Ávila

It is Apostle to the Nations, president of the International Christian Center for the Nations (CCN); recognized and respected as a "...

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